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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

No Hard Feelings......Peeps

I had been a very bad boy these days, as a matter of fact, I had been baaaad.... ever since the school started. How bad am I, to what extent the definition is applied to me? Well, just simply a word - worst. I had this bugging attitude problem, it just come naturally to me that made me wanna bug people, disturbing people's concentration during the lecture. I just cudn't keep my mouth shut sometimes, I have to be like "hey! lenlui, can u pls borrow this... and that... to me" "what the F... is she teaching? cant keep up yr pace, man! Can u be any slower?" "Hey dude, how ya doin?" in a flirtin manner. These r just a few of my quotes and there are more actually. Rude? U bet. Cant forgive me, eh? Well, u noe sometimes mayb it's the tension and pressure that's puttin on me. Been lagging and at the same time monkeyin alot... but worst still, there are still other mates that can accept the "monkey me", haha... many thnks to u guys, i wont work it out like this if u all weren't there for me. Dun deny anymore, it's u, yea u, the person who's readin this blog.... Well hate to say this, of cos there r some who detested me fooling around in the class, like a sick ass. But anyway, a big sorry to u, and i hav no intention at all to distract my frens...

Being the observant Cancer in the class, I realised some noticeable fellas who have gotten themselves into so much complications with the class. Well it's obvious to c them bein outcasted from "our family", mainly due to some attitude prob. There are actually a rising numbers of outcasts in my class, and I'm afraid to say that the population will go even higher in no time due to our super-imposed sensitivity senses. So far there are oredi three E.Ts being identified, one is "u-noe-who-he-is", the following one is " u-noe-who"'s new best budd, and finally a peskily bossy female. More is expected, how sad...

Speaking of competition in my class, well it's not that bad, bcuz there are oni 69 of us in this group, basically all of us are quite good and are favorable to some lecturers, their comments are: easy to handle due to our fair language in English; smart and intelligent is another thumb-up, but sadly, we are easily laid off.... it's really true, we used to take things for granted, we expect to have a more comfortable way of learning but we, on the other hand, are not paying much of the attention to the class. A trade of welfare but nothing comes out worthy...

I think it's ok to mention yr name here guys, ok? Wong Jing Neng, u r my savior in school, without u i cud nv be able to jot down the notes lectured by Dr Lightning. U r intelligent and hardworking, I'm sorry to bother u so much these days during lectures, i'm regretful. And bein the eldest, i understand that u have to bear yr family, taking care of them dearly, u did a great job, yr plans of lightin up yr family are the most laudable. Keep up the good work, my fren! U r really an opponent, cant beat u up in any tests... hehe top student, eh? Yup, u r a top student. Remember wat u had told me before? We were school mates in Secondary, but we nv same class, strange? how did we get along so well? do u wanna noe y? Mayb it's the friendship bonding. Or mayb I found out that u r special in some ways that tickled me to approach u and befriended u... Ha! take that as a compliment. And dun believe on such nonsenses that u r goin to be the next outcast member, no! dun think that, even if u wud (touch wood), I'll nv isolate u from becomin my fren. ok? So be happy in watever conditions u venture into.

Ok, yr turn buddy, Loong Shih Keng. Haha,the legendary dragon boy who fall prey to a Tony Tiger.... Mua Ha ha... U cannot catch me, u nv catch me.... foolin around. Anyway, back to normal, u ah... dunno how to say lar. Nv been to u so close until this recently, we began to talk on some hot topics about u noe what.... cant imagine I'm that imaginative eh? (guys, seriously no awful yellow thoughts) Am innocent jus like a baby myself.... : ) ; ), no? then : (
We'd been in good terms, unanimous in terms of opinions and thoughts, like who is bad, who is nice, etc... cant expect to tell everythin here. We may have to find some time to go yum cha in mamak, with a bunch of peeps too... like say sidney, wei lun, keng tee, jin ren, yik chong .... many many more. Hey, how about goin for Karaoke some times, after the finals perhaps? wat da ya think. Well, i'll end today's post with a poem:

For the rest,
Please I need to take a rest;
Trust in me that I can do my very best,
For all the good stuffs hidden in u that I'll soon gest;
U have the right to detest, and confess,
Just dun make me one of yr mess.
And, See u folks tomorrow in the lab test.


At Thursday, March 24, 2005 8:23:00 PM, Blogger  said...

lol...so much of being a bugger huh? anyways...am sure it's the adorable kind... :-)


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