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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Old Yet Refreshing....

"Promise me that you will join us for the gathering, ok?" "It's gonna be a fun day, take a break and have some time to relax." Hmmm.... It's true that all this while i'd been all thrashingly stressed up, this intense awkwardess and tiredness had lasted me for a semester long since January. And "pop", I finally get the taste of freedom, a free from school workload pass....yes! a granted pass from.... myself, yeap... it's about time to throw some stuffs aside and have a great fun...

So, who suggested me to go for the gatherin? Seriously, it's from my mum, pretty strange huh? Now, I would forbade wat u guys are trying to think in yr mind or suppressing yr laughter. Old, gross, boring, irrelevant....mamma's boy?! No.... pls dun think that way, mum and I are used to be like friends, cordial friends basically. And i believe that in some outsiders mind, they thought we are lovers.... there we go again...there was this one fine day when we both were hanging out in Midvalley, as usual, mum's doin her best in window shopping and I was her company, and we used to hold hands. In my opinion, though in her 40s, my mum nv seem elderly to me (not old, mature i guessed). She follows alot in our trends, not about dressing, but it's about the taste and feeling. So, like i'd just said, we were holding hands, walk passed some stores and chattin, not bothering any onlookers. And there was this old bespectacled guy who like... approachin us, and we were like, "dude, what's going on?". He scanned us from head to toe, as if lookin for clues. Duh. if I earn a degree as a mind reader, i bet he wondered,"a teen havin a mature gal fren?!" Yea, so wat! Hey, haven't u seen a guy with his mother before? Anyway still, there were wonder eyes eyeing the both of us that day... we dun care, as long as the lord is here with us as company.... not LORD VOLDEMORT of cos, haha... he who should not be named had been spoken.

Back to gathering stuffs, oh yea... she asked me to join her "club", at first i sounded reluctant because i knew the one who wud b having fun is my mum. "Mum, y not u going with dad, I'm having some stuffs rite here to finish up." "He is comin too, but i'd liked u to come with us, (psst.. he is bored u noe)" she hinted. Hmmm... my dad, charmin but a little too old fashioned, not romantic kinda man. Afraid of having exposure to the outside society, he said it's too dangerous to wander around even in day time, newspapers have proved that many cases of killing, snatching thieves and etc were rising dramatically... blab alot but he is truely right. So, where were we again, ooopsie... she asked that favour....hmmm, i considered and then oklor, i go lor.

As predicted, as soon as we arrived to the venue, my mum flew down and caught with her long lost fren, chatting and beating along, and oh yeah, she is so good and sociable ... u bet. We had the best meal there served by one her frens, who is a good cook. Well, can't get angry wif her because she had nv meet up her old classmates and frens for like 20 years, and it had gotta be so exciting. I wondered how will I be after 20 years? Will I be organising a gathering just like hers? On the other hand, my dad, was having his great time talking bout politics with some of my mum's frens' husband. Well, hard to deny, dad knew very well on towing the topics n he was lucky to have great listeners that day, which i found, seriously, boring.... not in the channel with him.

So, am I havin a great time? oh yeah, i was enjoyin my MP3, singing along, esp the song {I Drive Myself Crazy} - N'sync. I like that song V much.


At Sunday, March 20, 2005 5:54:00 PM, Blogger chichi said...

hehehe... the semester has yet to end and you're already having fun...soo nice wor....

At Sunday, March 20, 2005 8:58:00 PM, Blogger  said...

glad u had fun tony dear...your parents are simply awesome!...am down with a bad cold...busy with assignment, one last one to go before i can start concentrating on exams...in the mean time...hope everyone out there are well...cheers!

love, cheryl


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