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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

the sudden planned birthday party

venue: UTAR ICT centre

I was very tired today cos we had our most prolong lectures with the same lecturer teaching the same subject today, for 4 hours: 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, barely had our lunches and break, man.... talking about the same old DNA clonning and the technique of implanting the genome into the plasmid.... wat ever... even my self got mixed up, got a headache myself since.

well.... it's fine now, am in good condition, still. cos the class is over, boredom immediately shoots out and happy chatter voices came to bid us, finally... i can get a fresh air to breath. Imagine, having stuck in a, u noe, kinda confined and small room, and the room can barely accomodate the whole bunch of us, more than 70 people, sharing the same air-cond and the desks together.

Anyhow, we still can cope it well, i guessed. bout the birthday party, yea... when i was on my way home, i was called up by a gal, whom happened to be my classmate (fei hua - nonsense) asked me to stay back for a while and i said wat's the commotion then, she just giggled. Well, not my birthday, then whose birthday? She said secret.... then ok lor, if birthday oso dun wan to tell then y does it have to be celebrated? shud have keep it completely silent mar. but it's ok, mayb he / she felt shy or sth...

I then ah... asked another gal who's standing on the furthest right, *Psss.. who's birthday izzit?* she said wat???? u dunno ah? she was like fainted. Then a gal behind her just giggled, and signalled to me... by eye contacting me, *it's her birthday lar,u silly."* then i ah... just glanced back to the birthday gal and replied instantly, as if nothing had just happened, "of cos i noe it's yr birthday, i am just fooling around... u c i even wear green today, just to suit yr taste!", i din even think whether she likes green onot, I din bother and i just said it, "to suit yr taste" . kekeke.. then she said.... "nice shirt u have"... and i said thnk u.... aiya.... dun wan to write further details gua, oredi very long winded....

so one of bought a Tirammissu cake for her n we ate it, took some pix... fooloing around with others jus like the usual thing that we used to tricked birthday boy / gal. ends here, goin back to my dad's office.... bye bye.


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