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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Am I A Bad Guy?!

I recalled back the moment where my final exams were finished that day, (that it was the PM, don't care much of it) it was the day where all my worries were gone (well… not all, just partially because I’m afraid to see my final results.) Anyway, I gave myself a pat to the back and yelled, “Hey exams, you are not going to haunt me no more, NEVER! Yahoo! I’m free…. I’m gonna play ….play till never end”. Without further hesitation, (since I'm so free), I joined my friends for a whole day Played-for-nothing-but-fun-stuffs..... hehe... not gonna disclose here, mayb some other times, since it doesn't telly with my title of the day.

Well.... the games and fun stuffs just lasted for about a week... if i'm not wrong, I was introduced by a friend of mine to apply for a job near Ampang park there. Well, I know some of u guys knew that I was working in Citibank, but... before that, I worked in an agency office, which I cant disclosed here cos it's P & C...(well... Nah... it Adecco Agency Personnel blah blah...). The main job I did was to do some checking, tracking and some filing for the personal staffs data again this is very P & C, REAL P & C. in short, I was so called an Office boy. That time, my salary were hourly calculated. so, erm... Imagine how much I can get. But then it's ok cos I wanted to gain experiences. I was made to promise not to divulge any related subjects of these to anybody, even to my loyal family.... Yea yea... i know. If not, I'll be terminated immediately and bla..., so I just nodded softly. Well, so I was put to work in a... erm.... quite a big room, I thought that was my place to sit, so happy, later I was told it was a meeting room, Cheh....

I was very obedient (no Joking), I obeyed what they (employers) told me to do. Very obedient, obedient hingga i looked back myself, I geli hati & laughed. My employers are good, they treated me just like a friend, we chat... we joked, i even have pictures with my employers too, though I worked there for only a week (six days), I took it in my last day at work there. (I'll post it later). Working there were a happy one, I was so lucky to have started work there at the right time because I happened to have 2 birthday parties there, and i had tasted a chocolate banana cake and a white tiramissu (i know wrong spelling, hehe). it tasted so satisfying. I heard from my colleague that the two cost about 100 bugs each, WOW! HOW BRANDED I WAS....

I was later transferred to Citibank HR Department (erm... actually got upgraded, eh?!) :) , nah... because HR was in shortage of staffs, so they have to employed contract staffs, like me to handle some of the chores there, it's pretty the same job here compared to my previous one, just filing, checking... the main difference I din do was payroll. Yea.... I'm dealing with people's salary, it was a great responsibility, dun lose it, or u have to pay for it.... I was trusted with this stuffs.... scared at first, but later... no big deal, now Quite familiar with their habits liao...though still made the some minor silly mistakes.

Now... the main point, Y am i a bad guy, cos i'm leaving.... yea.. that's it, Y again? cos my employers are leaving too, they trusted me with so much responsibility on me, so to back me up, my employer employed another new gal, well... she's new... my employer will be gone on the 17th of Dec... so the leftovers gonna be me and the gals on the go... is that a child's play,nah...it's not. So... i sympathies the gal, but had no choice too, cos i need to attend classes very soon, gonna get ready. What i can do now here is to teach and guide her everything I know, My employers too... are doing their best to teach her. She is quite mixed up, though, a little confused she said, have to give her sometime to digest. Well... we understand... but our main role is to prepare the payroll.... it's gonna be another tough situation that we always needed to face.

All in all,..... Today... i submitted my resignation letter to my employer, my last physical day wud b on the 22nd of Dec, What i did here, erm.... guys... cud u pls giv comments on it, am I meant to leave my work and leave the gal to work alone? Confused


At Wednesday, December 08, 2004 6:56:00 PM, Blogger  said...

oops...my previous comment suppose to appear here...but got mixed up...anyways...wan the recipe for tiramissu? i used to make this yummy stuffs...lotsa coffee and kahlua...

At Wednesday, December 08, 2004 7:01:00 PM, Blogger erizabesu said...

haha, cute guy. i don't think it's wrong to leave your job to the girl. she will have to learn how to pick it up sooner or later, with or without you. and you're going back to your studies, not doing anything illegal or watsoever. you can however, choose to keep in touch with her after work, just to make sure that she doesn't feel abandoned (like how you felt) and also to make sure that she can catch up with all the job. you may not know, sometimes, these contacts will prove useful in the future *wink*

-WQ @ erizabesu.blogspot.com -

At Saturday, December 11, 2004 3:23:00 AM, Blogger chichi said...

dear tony

it's just bad karma. HER bad karma.



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