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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Local Universities sucks?!

Read some bits of news in the Star, there is one fella who is so fed up with our education systems. Yea.... everyone of us are aware of it, no doubt. What's wrong with our historically "glory", "golden", "gigantic" universities? Are they trying to make the levels of study down and down again? Was that an insult? I'm afraid NO.

We used to have our local universities, for instance UM top-listed in the world checklist. Back in 1960s, our UM were seated firmly in top 50.... and there is one time where UM had become top 5...(rumours) in Asean top university listing. Imagine! However, when time goes by, the level of study, apparently had been depreciated so quickly. It's true that there are some politics substances mixed into the systems, indeed, but it can't be involved so much. To sacrifice a University? C'mon! What are you fellas doing? There were times when it was so difficult for local students to get admitted to UM, places were so limitted and only the best of the utmost best student were admitted. But, sadly it was a history

Personally, without any prejudice within, I really think that studying abroad might be a good alternative for the students because they can gain much exposures and experiences, and also simultaneously experiencing the one kind of culture of many foreign countries. I wasn't saying that studying locally was bad, the years of toiling and toiling had suggested to me that our education systems were based spoon-feeding. What is exactly the meaning of spoon-feeding? Like children nowadays, they were spoon-fed. They take in whatever food the spoon comtained, it goes straight from the mouth to the aesophagus, and then to the stomach and etc. So basically, spoon feeding is like being told to memorise and remember facts and subsequently regurgitate them during assessments, exams and etc. Was that good for us?

All the time we were "forced" (can't say directly cuz some people really enjoy spoon feeding) to memorise every single facts without fail, it's boring you know, it doesn't meant anything to you, it won't give you any better even if you achieved excellent grades for your transcripts and score reports. The thing that matters most is how you gonna apply it, how you going to use it, how u going feel it... that's the main idea. If keep on reading is good, then I have one word for you "GAMBATE".

Life's hard sometimes, have to take care lots valuable things..... I can take no more pls!


At Sunday, December 05, 2004 7:03:00 AM, Blogger  said...

the main reason here is the practice of the quota system...where other universities over the world do not select their students based on the race...but based on the qualities of prospective students...each year if you notice, after the major national exams..there would be issues like insufficient places for the medicine stream...and there would be lots of excuses from the gov...and guess where our "talented" students go? they are "fished" out to countries like singapore, us with scholarships and never come back..and the standard here..not only education...goes down...do you know how utar or ktar come about? :=)

At Monday, December 06, 2004 12:57:00 AM, Blogger erizabesu said...

i have no qualms that the local edu system does spoon-feed, and the hilarious part is that when we're in college/unis, the lecturers spoon feed us and when near exam time, tells us to be analytical and our answers for exams must have substance...so how? *duH*


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