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Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami Woes

Well, guessed I need to apologise here for not making this blog rocks after all cos I abondoned it like for a long time, sorry mates! It's not an excuse for me being busy or do not have time cos I had already made promises to edit my blog. I tried often to write a piece but to no avail, reason being was that I was not alone. I can only do my my own things only when I am alone, can't do it when someone is around me, a weird guy huh? I even felt irritated when my parents came in to bug me, in return, i "barked" them, but deep down in my heart, I do not wished to be like that, so sorry. Alas, guessed I wasn't a good narrator anymore... thought I was but heck no! Okay, anyway hoped this do not bored u guys....

The most popular topic of the week - TIDAL WAVES KILLED A HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE!!! Those are things and news that worried everyone of the states, everywhere and every now and then! Sorrowers, mourners, prayers, volunteers, priests, doctors, nurses, paramedics, lifeguards, helpers, and the people in the community are so desperate and determined on doing their jobs and usual chores well, to keep finding any alive victims from the tragic waves. Many forensic seekers are conducting their autopsies on coarpses, to find clues for the causes of death, well certainly we all know why they are dead cos due to the strong current of waves and got suffocated which lead to death and blah.... But, to them that was the biggest effort they could do, can anyone else be like them, having the courage to watch and operates the dead bodies of victims. So, what I wished to say here was to urge the people not to discriminate or felt nauseated or feeling illed towards this people, they are heroes to me, and you know what, before taking this Biotech course, I was considering to get myself a degree for forensic sciences, I never feel afraid of seeing these, even my dad told me that he was freaking out seeing blood, heck scary he said, calling me a science freak, but that;s okay. The thing that stops from being what I wanted to be was money, it has to be like a lot of money and years to study in this field, yeah, have to sacrifice alot, even have to sacrifice a time to court a gal, i guessed, hee hee. Nevertheless, to me it was an eyes opening scenes on how the research are being conducted and done ny the unsung heroes of forensics.

The situation was getting so tight and gotten even tighter on the second day of the disaster, especially people on the affected states, some fled to their own safety, and some do not, they relied on their instincts and their lucks to look for their loved ones, searching high and low for them,who might have been sacrificed from the disastrous unexpected tsunami. Sea water kept swarming in and out, to and fro and swept the cities to dust in just a few hours. That time, undoubtedly I wasn't in Malaysia, I went on a trip to Singapore for Christmas, together with mom and dad, friends and members. We were not shocked at all when we gotten a call from a relative of mine saying that there was an earthquake in Malaysia. Thought that was a joke from the Christmas but hell no! I was only home on Monday past midnight, turned on TV in the morning and was totally shocked at the news, broadcasting the series of killing waves sweeping the major cities in Penang, Langkawi, Sri Lanka, Thai, Phuket island, Indonesia, Krabi.... almost the heart of South eastern countries are afected. I smsed some of my friends in Penang, Cheryl, Belinda, Wai Quan, Junis... especially Cheryl, I presumed you will be saddened alot cos you just came home from Phuket island a week ago, and the island was totally ruined. Must have been a big "WHAM" to you. I was wondering what in the world does the world wanted us people to do or to react about these? The world is certainly changing for some reasons, due to our lack of control to complement the earth's needs, the earth is lamenting, we need to control and maintain the world and to continue and stand united to make the world a better place and blah.... yeah we know, but does these kind of things do exist in our human thoughts, does it? It's hard to keep this as a promise to the earth, it's a far cry!

I received all of their SMSes saying they are safe and sound, not a single of them are injured, but perhaps tired being volunteered to help in a charity and the kind of activity held to help people and mankind, children and even adults are being taken care of, dont be a hero unless you are sure that you can save people and not killing yourself in return, we don't want any reported cases for another person dying for saving people, and the people that you'd saved might have passed to the borderlines to heaven already. That's a waste of life! And, I felt so ashamed for not taking any part of the activity or signing up to be a volunteer these days, I have no excuse to say, most of my friends had already doing their roles as a volunteer to collect some funds in KLCC, I saw them.. felt so bad. Cheryl, I saw your blog, you are saying that you are recruiting members for the voluntary jobs rite? How can I joined? My parents and I had decided to donate some clothes for the unfortunate ones. I packed and we packed, eventually got a large pile of clothes, I cant remember where and when I bought this much of clothes for myself! We later gave them to the charity held in somewhere in Ampang.

On Dec 18th, a week before christmas, I was too in outstation, guess where was I? I went to Penang. Yeah Penang, I met lot's of penangites there, visited lot's of temples such as the Kek Lok Si, the snake temples, and some temples which I forgot the name. That time it was peace and sound, and the traffic was always busy during rush hours. The famous visited place of all was none other than the Gurney Drive. This place was visited by so many tourists, it was famous for it's food and the scenery which was located near to the sea. Although the food was pricey there, it worthed it because I can catch a glimpse on how Penangites are having their night life there in Penang, as compared to Malaysia. I had my company as well there to company me to go sight seeing in Penang, though it's a little too rush, sorry to Cheryl, Belinda, and Wai Quan. Thanks for the ride to erm.... dunno what city, at least there got a Haagen Daaz Ice Cream and a Mamak Stall to bug in and have a little chatting there with you lovely people.

I need to say a few words to the dead ones, please rest in peace and may the god be with you and guide you to the right way and the right path to go. To the living ones, please cherish the moments that you have together with your family and friends, and remember not to be a hero unless you wanted to be a zero hero. that's it for all. PEACE ON EARTH !!


At Monday, January 03, 2005 11:58:00 PM, Blogger  said...

i'm not recruiting actually...was just encouraging...volunteering has no limits...dont have to arrange a schedule for that...just hop in whenever you are free or feel like it...cuddling a pup or a kitten can be good for both you know...i used to do that...was emotionally "healed" after... :=)


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