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Sometimes I think i'm not being true to myself, bear in mind, that you can't actually see through the real me....my heart within....filled with the source of secrecy. The heart of a mankind which protrude from the body itself....The Art!

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Finals Are Around The Corner, Again, DUH!

Just like any other usual morning, got up early, shivering and shaking, still in reverie, things were so not the same in my room, things were much much mcuh arranged and neat. Dragging myself lazily, studied around closely... Where the hell is this creepy cold... pla.pla...place.... oh i got it, Genting Highland, again...(hey no offence folks, i'm not trying to be sarcastic or bombastic or even lofty, for yr information, i stayed in a RM 1-on-one-standard room basis, the cheapest room in First World Hotel.

my parents were out and came back to the hotel very late at night, and i was boringly at the hotel room doing god knows wat it is... duh, studyin lar... i couldn't resist the sensation of staying up in the night alone, nobody to talk to, well, that's exactly what i did whenever there is a trip to go with my family. Except when there's a class reunion or some trips organised by the class or even the colleges... I missed that part so much... gotta organised again ya folks, rmb the ozzie trip? Darn looking forward for that kind of travel... well, gotta say sorry to maggie cos she was trying to organise the trip to Bangkok... and I didn't wanna go due to the industrial training... psst..! So, mag, how's the trip business goin? how's life there?

As the title had suggested from the above, Finals are around the corner again, i wished that all of us could do well. May the god be with us, blessing us with much "A"s in the finals, and be healthy always... cheerios!



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