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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Holly Jolly

Now, now... I guessed that I'm really a pissed fire, am I? I did promise to finish it yet I can’t keep my promise, eh? Well, Previously I did post one of my “Longest Blog” but after a single press "post" button, it's gone! Yeah.... my whole thing, whole journal was gone, just like that, yeah, like that. I, was totally, at first bemused for a good 5 min, and then only I realise I am an idiot. Uttering curses and oaths under my breath, I gave my lap top a cold shoulder, I walked away to have a drink, thinking, "Curse u, Blogspot! Curse U, lap top!" I somehow found no interest anymore on going online for awhile... but it's impossible, how can I live without "surfing the internet"? I might be back to what I was, a complete ignorant fool that no longer get in touch with my mates. Funny U said was, but who cares?

The news that I'm trying to bring up which was being covered from the previous post was about a temporarily job being offered by a friend, to work in a "Networking Company". Well, guessed what, these kind of networking companies had been growing like mushrooms recently, am I right? It begins like this:

I was called up by a friend of mine, in late night. I was bemused to look at the name appeared in my Handphone. Later he had asked me whether I would be mind to come over the day after to meet him in leisure mall, right inside McD. Really curious but I was really keen to meet him, 'cause from the conversation he mentioned that he had brought along a friend to have some news to share with me.... I gasped for awhile but had agreed to meet them, around 11 am.

Without further babbling into the details, I met them sitting in the corner. We started with some self-intro conversation before we entered into the real stuff. I noticed the speaker was actually clutching a folder with him. And sitted next to me was my friend, as quiet as he always be. Apparently he is learning some skills from him, I guessed.

As expected, while mumbling stuffs like "Are u interested in earning USD in just months" in his breath, he displayed the contents of the folder by flicking through it, explaining briefly about some networking business propasals and plans that were being offered by the company dubbed "Quest Net". I presumed that maybe some of you guys are already a member of it, putting efforts into it, rite? Well, they aren't actually work like any other networking company, though similar in certain aspects, but totally different in terms of products sold, well, at least it was told by him lar.

I wasn't really paying much attention into his explanation except the "how to earn USD" part. Nisbah 3 - 3 and earn USD 250. First, after register yourself as part of the team (RM2000 per registration), you'll need to search for your ideal candidates and again, join the big circle of networking. You don't have to be exactly enthusiastic in looking for candidates as you will scare the people away. Forcing people to join isn't a way to promote the company. As they will think that it is one of the scam companies that had been taking advantages on their "victims".

My friends had wished that I could join him together to earn money together. And he said he wished to have huge amount money in his account to lessen the burden in his family in future time, as his family wasn't wealthy. He hoped to be able to fund his sister education fees as according to him again, that his sister is greatly talented in arts and designs. He wished to admit her sister in either The One Academy or Lim Kok Wing University. Well, obviously these schools are damn expensive!

But, at last I'd declined their offer and my friend sounded disappointed but he said he's fine. But deep down in my heart, I hoped he'll be able to earn these sums of money in the future.... Hey! Friends forever!


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