Take the Risks and We Shall Conquer

Sometimes I think i'm not being true to myself, bear in mind, that you can't actually see through the real me....my heart within....filled with the source of secrecy. The heart of a mankind which protrude from the body itself....The Art!

Play it, as it may be how my heart felt for the day


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hmmm.... The Stalker indeed....

Another art of word that defines a "hunter", or in a stronger way to name it - the "predator". Am I a Predator? (HUH! U MUST BE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!) A lovely caring cutie little teddy bear budded with mesmerizing eyes and whose body is incarnated with bluishing fur blessed with seasoning hair-do (a weird color and a weird self-description, as a matter of fact, this writer is a weird guy, must have lose his sane these days due to some PRESSURES ;> ? ) . Anyways... how could this insane guy be preying? For what reasons? Some say he is running out of fruity love; some say that people who fond of him has outnumbered the person he loved... know wat i'm saying? nah... confusing right? it's simple... well, for the least i can say he is not flower hearted kind of person, temperate yet refreshingly nice talking person.... though a bit weird in some ways, especially the eluding character of his is more than unforgivenable.

I can't really tolerate his being ignorant and self-absorbed attitude which let people easily got suspicious with him in terms of how he will handle his stuffs. Speaking of which, have u guys noticed that I'm making a duplicate me here? Not saying I going mad or something, but I'm trying to work out something by myself, with the opinions and views given exactly by myself...(too much "self" here... hehe) Erm... sometimes a fool himself... signals were given but never he had responded to those signals led by someone. It's not that I dunno, it's just because i'm too scared... call me a sissie...? i dun care.


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