Take the Risks and We Shall Conquer

Sometimes I think i'm not being true to myself, bear in mind, that you can't actually see through the real me....my heart within....filled with the source of secrecy. The heart of a mankind which protrude from the body itself....The Art!

Play it, as it may be how my heart felt for the day


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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Who's legs are these.... and those hands? What an alien had invaded our school? Not possible cause they are....... duh!

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Me and a friend, Wei Lun.
Well guessed what? We happened to be wearing the same color shirt and the same types of trousers together with coincidence... we din plan for this, so it's cool to c the both of us are wearing the same shirts and trousers. people laugh off the ways that day....

keep up the good work, my friend, the next time we wear the same shirt and the same trousers again, I think I'll go to my 4 ekor... and a get the lucky reward... HA!


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