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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Days After Finals

At last, the tests are over and I'm apparently free from being strangled again by books, cekik myself to death.... as soon as the "final final final" punya exam finished, I dumbfoundedly bang to a group of people, as usual... "#$%$^ that's hard, what's the question saying? so many XYZ... Hey, what's the answer for question 4 (a) and (b), do you know how to calculate the answer for No. 2, damn hard man.... etc. All sorts of questions... I used to that already, and there will always be some testers that will "shoo" us away by beckoning us to keep quiet or get outta here, there are people that were having their tests.

Some frustrated ones, uttered curses under their breath... then left. I, on the other hand, joined chatting with a club of friends. It's normal to hang out after exams... and since I'm all alone without any fresh plannings, I will join whatever the club is planning to do.... but please not shopping again.... So, we'd made our minds and we planned to give our shots in REDBOX. They have these free vouchers worth 100 each... plus we were students too... and we have our student ID cards... which lead us to think that it's gonna be cheaper than ever.

So, there were we.... singing boisterously in the K room... I lost my voice, I meant I had already lost my sexiest voice... I can't sing well like I used to be when I was "young". Of course, I'm still young, but my voice box were.... u noe. I sang out of tune, but there are some lagu that I liked to sing, for instance, most sentimental David Tao's songs are my favourite, gu gui gei, Twins, Jay Chou. some other english pop singers like West-Life, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, N'sync, BSB, and many more.... it's a great deal of fun sharing the moments with the people there, it was so sweet.. and I knew the fact that I wouldn't wanna let go the mike... just wanna sing as loud as possible to release whatever tension that I'd been burden with! Haha.... soli ah... pai seh......

The next day, I with some guy friends, went to Ktar and play basketballs.... I admitted that I'm not a big fan of playing it, I don't play well, but rather rough, 'cause due to my bigger size, I used to shove people off.... but not now, I guessed I seemed shorter and weaker than most of my friends, they were greatly figured, well as in my opinion. Sometimes I really do think that I'm a weird guy, I don't like some most men sports... but don't call me a sissy or what... I'm just different. Most friends of mine knew better men sports than I did. Speaking of basketball, for example, they knew all alot of MBA members, from their backgrounds to their children stuffs.... Another good example is Football.... premier league ... LIVERPOOL VS MENCHESTER CITY.... ARSENAL VS MU.... Wow!... good saved by XXX Barcelona goal keeper... wow... I don't remember well their names, I knew some and I don't recall all the past results for the league championship, as it is called. My dad's a great fan... but I don't. Well, what I like about sports... ping pong, badminton, swimming, gymnastics... gua, about that.

Well well well, where were we.... it's far from my topic AGAIN... erm... later the game. We helped a fren of mine in moving into another new house.... I guessed that's just about it. I'll post later to describe the whole interesting "walk through" of this perpindahan next time because it's gotta be another long descriptive essay again... ooops... no, it should be a journal, not damn boring essay... stop here. JIU CHI GE PI (read in chinese). Guessed I need to menggasar my chinese too! If not, its gonna be worn off! SAYONARA!


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