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Friday, September 09, 2005

The One With The Twist That Kills

"Heck no bud... not for me.. this stuffs won't work at me, never! So, save your little weasel time and go approach someone else now, before i get upset, which u'll never like it anyway, now if u dun mind, I am having a wonderful dinner with my family now, and it's definitely ruined by your presence and no thanks to u, frank!". The man, clad with a nice looking suit, slightly hunch and holding a luggage-like pack on his shoulder, was bowing to the man whom he got the awful remark from. Turned his thin and rather tartan pink face away and moved on to another table of people, yet and again doing the same thing again, "Hi! I'm from XXXX Company based in XXX country.... our Product ha... is number 1... blah.. no.. pls pls pls listen, I... ok ... thank you for your patience, Bye Bye..."

And there you go again... doesn't that sound sad to u, or do u ever sympathise him for what he or she had done? Sure you do, but.... ok, let's face it, it's not that we don't wanna help, it's veeeeeeeery annoying to see people approaching you when you and your big fat chunks of family were having a warmth evening dinner, and suddenly appear out of no where, a bunch of know-where-to-go-directsellers tapped their feet over to you and shot you with a handful of products. Well, kicking their asses off is what we actually do nowadays, i guessed it's pretty much like that, right? Turn them down, and life goes on.

Sometimes I noticed that their products are like some stuff toys and stationaries, even socks are made to direct selling, showing people how their socks work by pulling the socks and shake it around, gasp...I mean, how disgusting is that? It's so unhygienic, imagine a guy who wanna catch your attention so badly that he wave the socks around you, watering his saliva all over to explain what socks are. Dude! Get a clue, people will get so f***king angry with your "reckless" actions. That is really an unwise action to do direct-selling.

A nice way of approaching people is however a very important issue revolving around in our big fat society. Our society has, in fact changed and is becoming intensely sensitive to anything, from politics, economics, to even the news of a woman being impregnant by the man in the neighbourhood is as a matter fact, made known to the public. See how the world had change much closer, or should I say the world has become, The busiestbodies? Streetbodies? or whatever it may imply to. The message must be encoded by the source of the encoder clearly and, of all the many channels provided, choose wisely to which media is suitable... hehe sounds like lecturing in class, though i find them rather boring, I'm sure one day it's gonna come in handy especially the first time setting foot to this uncontrollably complicated community in the future.

Secure yourselves with a broader mind and knowledges 'cause knowledge is power!


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