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Sometimes I think i'm not being true to myself, bear in mind, that you can't actually see through the real me....my heart within....filled with the source of secrecy. The heart of a mankind which protrude from the body itself....The Art!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Mere Description of My Voyage of Life (Pt 1)

"Look at that, just take a look at that, your face is getting alot of fat pimples.... PIMPLES!!! How can anyone like you can be that oblivious?! See how wretchful you looked now, no face see you." My face went tartan... er.. seriously i just went slightly pink..., I scowled," What's wrong with my face, it doesn't looked as bad as a red butt monkey, or am I? And I'm pretty sure this is the face I'm hoping to get... look, I haven't been able to get a date this coming Christmas, must why just spare me with your whining." (Like I was asking god to make a date for me, it's alot harder than you have ever imagined.)

22nd DEC: The morning sun shines all over me and that irritates my skin... alot, hooked up with my blanket so tight like I would never let go, feening lazily, scratching myself with my fingers, drag myself up like I wouldn't want to leave my softy comfy bed, I whispered,"Honey, I'm coming back, no worries, I'll be back and sleep ON you, don't turn me OFF tonite, ok? Sure honey, I'll wash you up after Christmas." *Blink* Shut up you air-cond, you whistle too much, having you is like having several photocopier machines operating simultaneously around me, screw you! And you know what, it doesn't sound so bad after all, making friends with the unliving ones, at least they wouldn't have much clue of what you are trying to say. *Poor Thing* But I mustn't say I'm crazy, 'cause you might find that they actually contain souls, if that doesn't scares you, try speaking to your table, the chairs you find interested sitting with, any stuffs will do, just try to nag it / them a few more times, and you'll see how "it" treats you back. So, as I say, befriend your stuffs, cherish them while you can, any losses caused is unregrettable.

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What's that "Blok C" doing there? And who the F*$#& is that guy over there, standing like an innocent kid concealing his private part. DUDE!! YOU are WAY too SEXY to do that! YAYa... Dun JeRk ArOUnd yA!?

There I was, Er... like basically it's a public Uni, and it's er... UPM, Putra, ya... that's rite. Was waiting for my supervisor, 'cause I need to hand in some documents to him. Cut the crap... Er... am I way too old fashion with that hairstyle? and the clothing I'm wearing, it's darkie, I know. And where are my balls, seriously??


I went Mid valley afterwards, reaching there about 11 am. Took a good half an hour to read up some fictions, er... found some new books from John Grisham, one of my favourite author. You are doing great, sir, Keep the good work up , will ya? Later went down and wait at Burger King... there's a gathering obviously. Some were early and some were late, well, it's like a tradition to be late for chinese, what to do? Just keep up the good work!

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SHen SIan: Tony Tony, my Dearest mirror, I beg of you, of all the people you have seen in this picture, WHo's the FAiress of all?
Tony the Mirror: Obviously... fair mah... of cos is that gal standing second left lar, clad with white shirt one and with some pink embroideries. Then ah... mai shi... eh! wait a minute, the gal standing at the furthest right seemed to looked... great, though she's a bit tanned, but that's just fine.
SHen SIan: No No No... I'm asking you, Who, among these mortals, are the fairess???
Tony the Mirror: Er... Ya I told you oredi wat... the gal with the white shirt and jeans one lor... just giving my opinions mar, like this oso can not. hmmmp... dun fren u!
SHen SIan:*sweating* *One smack on the face* For crying out loud, for the last time I implore you, please tell me the truth or I will have to cease freeing you from the mirror!!!
Tony the Mirror: fine... U... U are the most fairest fairest fairest person I'd ever met, *Urgh* *Burp* *You made me wanna vomit now* *wink* *urrrrrrrrrrgh* *Then why in the first place you asked me who the fairest wor in the picture when you can actually ask who is the fairest of all? Stupid witch!*
SHen SIan: Yes, finally. Thnk god for that
TOny the Mirror: Fast, fast fast give me tissue paper, I'm having heart burn now! *urgh*

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That gal, her name is Josephine, she preferred Jo actually. She was kinda cute and very warmth. Sadly though, she'll be leaving Malaysia for Great Britain, to have her degrees done there and probably will not be back for a while. I'm gonna missed her! And that guy next to her was obviously.... and honestly, well horningly-looking, short termed as horny. Am not! Am too! AM NOT! AM TOO! AMMMM NNNNOOOTTT!


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